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Bagels and Locks: Twins Wild Card Preview

If you are a Minnesota Twins fan, then you are probably celebrating from their postseason clinch, but we have to remember that the real challenge hasn’t even begun. The Twins will likely face the New York Yankees in the wild card game for a chance to advance to the ALDS. The Twins current roster has 34 players on it. So we will break down who they should bring and who they should leave back in Minnesota. I’ll start off by saying that the roster can be changed after the wild card game meaning the Twins don’t need to bring all the pitchers that they will use in the postseason, but just the ones they might use in this game. For example, Kyle Gibson will likely be left off the wild card game roster despite him being one of the three best starters on the team. Now that that’s settled, Jacob and I have compiled a list of locks, and then we each have our own separate list of remaining players to be added despite their holes (Bagels, get it? Like bagels and… nevermind.) Here is our lis

Twins Farm System: The Other Guys

The Minnesota Twins have a solid list of prospects, but the bunch looks weak compared to the Byron Buxton , Miguel Sano , and Jose Berrios days. If you were to look at any of the current guys at the top of the Twins prospect list right now, you might see names like Nick Gordon , Royce Lewis , or Stephen Gonsalves , but what you don’t see are some very talented and very underrated players that are going to be helping the already formidable and already young Minnesota Twins team very soon. Two things I would like to stress about this article are that I will not be focusing on every lesser-known young player and contributor, and also I am not taking away anything from the top tier prospects in the organization. The first player that I’d like to focus on is LaMonte Wade . Wade spent the 2017 season in Double A Chattanooga and had great numbers with the Lookouts. He is currently ranked as 17th on’s top 30 Minnesota Twins prospects list. He has shown the ability to hit t