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Podcast Episode #5

Hindsight is 20/20, so on this episode of the "Zane Douglas and Two Other Guys" Podcast, we decided to wait to post our thoughts on the field of 68 until just 16 teams remained. None of our upset picks played out the way we expected, although UCF did come close to taking down Duke. Listen in as we predict exactly how it was possible for a nine seed to go toe-to-toe with the nation's top team, and Jacob mentions Oregon could make some noise (even though Zane didn't agree...).

Predicting* Some Conference Champions

With conference tournament season upon us, I decided to shake it up a bit in our coverage of March Madness. There will still be a new podcast released prior to the First Four in Dayton but in the meantime, we wanted to cover the slate of conference tournaments that decide the 32 at-large bids. But having an informed follower of college basketball pick the most likely winners of each tournament is old news. I wanted a challenge. So, I enlisted podcast member Erik to give me a list of potential conference champions and I was tasked with forming an argument in favor of said teams making it to the big dance. I have split his predictions into four categories: Favorites, Toss-Ups, Hot Takes, and 🔥🔥🔥Takes. Obviously, some conference tournaments have already finished, and some teams are already locked into the tournament with at least an at-large bid, so I’m going to focus on the 19 of the 25 tourneys still in play. I’m also skipping the Big Sky, because as Erik put it so nicely, “Who cares

Podcast Episode #4

The terribly titled Zane Douglas and Two Other Guys Podcast is back with another episode. We discuss how Erik's predictions played out from the last episode, how it is a Krutwig or No-Krutwig world in the NCAA, and cap it off with some completely unplanned hot-takes. Find out whether Erik knows where the Michigan Wolverines play, who Jacob accidentally allowed in the field of 68 due to an unnoticed Excel spreadsheet typo, and why Zane thinks the NCAA is nearing a dark period after a certain Loyola-Chicago player graduates in two years. The podcast can now be found a number of places. For links to every option for listening, click here .

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Podcast Episode #3

In the third episode of the horribly titled "Zane Douglas and Two Other Guys Podcast", we continue our bracketology discussion a bit more in depth. We talk about mid-majors with the potential to make runs come March, whether or not the SoCon is a multi-bid league, and Erik is back to make predictions on this week's games. It gets off the rails, very rapidly. Click below to listen to the episode, or click here to download it as an MP3.

Podcast Episode #2

After a very long break, the second episode of our podcast series is here. Jacob and Zane are back to talk bracketology with our friend Erik, whose knowledge of NCAA basketball extends to the power-six conferences (not players, just teams) and Hofstra, for some reason. Listen as we discuss our tournament field, as decided by Jacob's automated ranking system. We cover the nation's top teams, bubble teams, and a few mid-majors who might be poised to make a Loyola-esque run in 2017-18. To cap it all off, Erik gives his picks for each of the 71 games, including some intriguing upsets. The episode concludes with a wild play-by-play of his imaginary national championship that includes a near buzzer-beater, free throws, and good old fashioned tom-foolery. Click below to listen to the episode, or click here to download it as an MP3. If viewing on mobile, there is an issue with the size of the window. To combat this, you may click on the arrows in the upper right corner of the bo