Game VS. Southern Illinois University

Quick Game Recap:
The Gophers got their sixth win of the season in a low scoring 57-45 game against the Salukis of Southern Illinois. Despite the gophers never feeling worried about the outcome, Minnesota didn't make it very difficult for SUI to keep it close throughout most of the first half. The Gophers were a dismal 3 for 10 from the Free Throw line in the first half, which really shows how the lack of in-game experience is affecting the first year players. They did pick it up in the second half, shooting a much improved 9 of 12. No single player filled up the box score, but the starting five played as a well meshed unit, and each starter had 8 or more points, with Coffey, McBrayer, and Mason all in double digits.
On The Numbers:
Here's how the starters ranked in Pythagorean Win Shares, a statistic we at Minnesota SSA have been tweaking and working with in order to optimize it to all sports.
AMIR COFFEY - 26.67%
NATE MASON - 15.98%
ERIC CURRY - 7.49%
Using our tweaked version of Bill James's Pythagorean Win Expectations, which is used to predict a teams winning percentage based on their total points scored and total points given up, we treat each individual game as it's own season. If we played a hundred games between a team who averages 50 points and a team who averages 60 points, the series would be close to 93-7. Then we can predict how the team would do if a certain player was substituted for someone who has "average" statistics for a bench player. The change in win expectation yields what is essentially a player's worth in any particular game.
And now one final note. We will not be covering another game until December 9th, but we may be posting about our stats specific research intermittently. So, check back just in case, but otherwise we will have a report on the Gophers home game on December 9th against Georgia Southern shortly after it is over.


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