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Our Absence

We are very sorry that we at MN SSA have not posted any traditional articles recently. As part of our attempts to grow the website as well as our overall presence we have been focusing primarily on the design of the website, and also building a strong following on social media. This has entailed very large amounts of time working with our website developer, Steven Wagner, to make sure that the new site design is optimized for your viewing experience. The new and improved website will be launched within the next few weeks, along with a totally new URL. An update will be posted once everything has been worked out logistically, but until then we will continue to post everything to this site. In regard to our social media, we want to remind you that we are on both Twitter and Instagram and we will include links to both of these accounts below. Something new that we have worked on for the new website is a bracketology section, which we have created a rough prototype of. You can access the b