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New Developments

It's been a busy couple of weeks here at Minnesota SSA. We have been making strides in advancing our statistics, reviewing and tweaking our formulas in order to inch closer to complete accuracy. In this post, we hope to give people a look into the what we do in order to help our readers better understand the stats that we have created. The first thing we did was a complete overhaul of our batting metrics. We kept our formula for batRuns completely intact, but we've remodeled our formula to calculate negRuns. NegRuns was initially seen as a way to measure the negative effect of a small selection of what we deemed to be beyond normal outs. This included outs on the base path, ie stolen bases, outs that limited the movement of other baserunners, and also double plays because they obviously have a much more negative effect than a simple out. Our initial view on the topic of negRuns was that only those runs needed to be factored in, and that "simple" outs would be rel