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The 'Definitive' Ranking of "Mario Superstar Baseball" Characters

I know what you’re thinking. Did this guy really take a considerable amount of time to rank the baseball abilities of fictional characters from a children’s game that was released in 2005? Yes, yes I did. “Mario Superstar Baseball” for the Nintendo Gamecube was released just under 13 years ago, yet to my friends and me, it is still completely relevant. I’ve placed each of the 32 characters in one of four tiers, creatively named Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4. The list will begin with the absolute worst characters and progress until I declare the ultimate character. Without further ado, let’s get started. Tier 4 32 Koopa Scouting Grades: Hit:30/Power:25/Run:45/Arm:50/Field:45/Pitch:40/Overall:30 To quote my brother, “Koopa has fly ball power.” Combine the power of Diddy with mediocre defense, no discernable pitching ability and a high tendency to pop up and you have this shelled liability. When a turtle’s most redeemable quality is his speed then he’s in trouble. 31 Baby Mario Scouting