Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Pre-Draft

The mission, should we choose to accept it, is to draft a complete and competitive fantasy football team made entirely of Minnesota Vikings. Of course, should this mission result in failure, absolutely nothing will happen because this is a truly unnecessary endeavor.

The Constraints:
At no point will any non-Viking be on the roster
The league will be at least 8 teams deep
No collusion between other teams is allowed
Any player who is no longer on the Viking’s roster must be dropped within 24 hours, and shall never start the upcoming game

Key Positions:
QB - If we are unable to draft Kirk Cousins, that’s pretty much a death sentence. The only way to salvage a season without him is for a disastrous season ending injury.
RB - Dalvin Cook is a huge upgrade from Latavius Murray, especially if he plays like he did the first few weeks of 2017. Missing Cook would be hard to overcome, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.
D/ST - Obviously this is a must have, otherwise we would be stuck with an incomplete starting lineup. Defenses typically go later in the draft, but we might need a to pull the trigger earlier than necessary in order to avert disaster.
K - Daniel Carlson has officially won the starting role over Kai Forbath. This is another obvious choice, because there is no safety net at the kicker position.

Kill Switches:
If any of these players are drafted before or on the “Kill Switch Round”, we will grant ourselves a do-over.
Dalvin Cook - 1st Round
Thielen/Diggs - 2nd Round (Must be both)
Kyle Rudolph - 4th Round
Kirk Cousins - 5th Round
Defense/Special Teams - 6th Round

With these pieces of information, here is our game plan for the draft.
Round 1 - Dalvin Cook, RB
Round 2 - Adam Thielen, WR
Round 3 - Stefon Diggs, WR
Round 4 - Kyle Rudolph, TE
Round 5 - Kirk Cousins, QB
Round 6 - Defense/Special Teams, D/ST
Round 7 - Latavius Murray, RB
Round 8 - Daniel Carlson, K
Round 9 - Kendall Wright, WR
Round 10 - Laquon Treadwell, WR
Round 11 - David Morgan, TE
Round 12 - CJ Ham, RB
Round 13 - Stacy Coley, WR
Round 14 - Trevor Siemian, QB
Round 15 - Mack Brown, RB
Round 16 - Brandon Zylstra, WR*

* - Zylstra is not currently available to draft, so someone will be picked in his place.

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