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Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Week 3 Recap


Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Weeks 1 & 2

A couple weeks have gone by and the mission to bring the fantasy roster filled with only Minnesota Vikings players is in full effect.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened so far:

Week 1
Week one actually turned out pretty well for the team. They put up 105.3 points in the PPR format which is about average, maybe a bit below, and every starter with the exceptions of Latavius Murray and LaQuon Treadwell seemed to meet expectations. The problem here is that no one had an above average game besides the Vikings defense thanks to the interception return for a touchdown by rookie Mike Hughes. It could have been better, but we’ll take this in most weeks.

Too bad this wasn’t most weeks.

The other team (cleverly sporting the name “Team 6”) had a monster effort from their team. They exploded with 161.3 points thanks to great performances from Tyreek Hill (42.3 points), Odell Beckham jr. (22 points), Golden Tate (20.9 points) and Jay Ajayi (20.2 points). It was a herculean effort from the opponents t…

Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Draft Recap

After two attempts, the all Minnesota Vikings fantasy team is ready to go, and it looks pretty good.

The first attempt at drafting only Vikings crashed and burned like the actual team did in last year's NFC championship game. After successfully nabbing Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen, and Stefon Diggs, a disgruntled owner made it their mission to sabotage every other pick we had. We ended up with just those three Vikings, and would have needed a miracle to even win a single game.

Determined to succeed, and equipped with too much time on our hands, we started another draft, and just barely secured our top three. With no owners recognizing the fairly obvious pattern, we easily drafted the rest of the team.

It is a twelve-team league with ESPN standard PPR scoring, however, the playoff format is only four teams, and there are two weeks per playoff round, which is a huge problem for a team that needs everything to go right for them. At least the roster looks good…

Here is the breakdown of t…