Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Week 3 Recap

The Vikings had their most atrocious game of the year against a Buffalo Bills team that looked to be the worst team in the NFL.

It was an embarrassing loss for a super bowl contender to endure, and for the Minnesota Vikings fantasy team, it didn’t look good either.  Desperate for a comeback through much of the game, the Vikings threw the ball 55 times and ran only six times. These garbage-time completions didn’t mean much for the real Vikings, but they gave us a shot at a fantasy win. CJ Ham, Aldrick Robinson and Tyler Conklin (three players we opted not to start) combined for 7 catches, but every other pass that Kirk Cousins completed (33) was a point in our favor. The garbage time touchdown between Cousins and Rudolph was a nice boost, and Adam Thielen led the team with 24.5 points thanks to 14 receptions. With all of this, we still ended up with a very low score, but we at least gave ourselves a chance to win and that is important. We ended with 78.5 points.

“Team mcbride” has, luckily enough for us, given up on this league. They started three players who were not playing this week in Mark Ingram II, LeSean McCoy and Julian Edelman. Even with that, he still had a viable kicker and defense, along with Tom Brady, Chris Carson, Antonio Brown, and Rob Gronkowski. Believe it or not, Chris Carson ended up being his top performer with 20.4 points. To say this would have been a steal for our opponents is an understatement. Coming into the week it looked like our easiest challenge yet, with the Bills being the Vikings opponent and our foe was playing multiple ineligible players. After the week was over, we felt extremely lucky to have eked out a win even if it was against a horrible team. We actually had the second least amount of points in the league, but it didn’t matter.

Final Score: Minnesota Vikings 78.5 – Team mcbride 71

In recent news, Dalvin Cook is still nursing an injury and with an early Thursday game it is questionable whether he will be thrown into the fray against the Los Angeles Rams and their devastating interior linemen. After dropping CJ Ham this last week to pick up Roc Thomas for insurance, we will pick Ham back up and seriously consider starting him. He would have been our top performing running back last week.

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