Mission Impossible: Viking Funeral - Weeks 1 & 2

A couple weeks have gone by and the mission to bring the fantasy roster filled with only Minnesota Vikings players is in full effect.

Let’s take a look at what’s happened so far:

Week 1

Week one actually turned out pretty well for the team. They put up 105.3 points in the PPR format which is about average, maybe a bit below, and every starter with the exceptions of Latavius Murray and LaQuon Treadwell seemed to meet expectations. The problem here is that no one had an above average game besides the Vikings defense thanks to the interception return for a touchdown by rookie Mike Hughes. It could have been better, but we’ll take this in most weeks.

Too bad this wasn’t most weeks.

The other team (cleverly sporting the name “Team 6”) had a monster effort from their team. They exploded with 161.3 points thanks to great performances from Tyreek Hill (42.3 points), Odell Beckham jr. (22 points), Golden Tate (20.9 points) and Jay Ajayi (20.2 points). It was a herculean effort from the opponents that spelled disaster for the first week of this campaign.

Week 2

This game is more what we were hoping for. The Vikings had a very strong offensive game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday that resulted in a 29-29 tie. As unhappy as a Vikings fan might be with the result, this was a perfect scenario for the fantasy team. Kirk Cousins, Stefon Diggs, and Adam Thielen all earned more than 30 points this week, and the 12-point performance of Dalvin Cook coupled with Treadwell earning his highest fantasy output ever (10.3) resulted in a great fantasy week. Murray, the defense, and Carlson didn’t do much to contribute, but after it was all said and done, the score they put up was 140.9. That is well above average.

“Team Hough,” was the victim this week seeing underwhelming performances from David
Johnson, Derrick Henry and Jordan Howard, which led to a steady defeat. They only were able to muster 101.2 points.

After the 1-1 start, the “Minnesota Vikings,” are 5th in the standings, so they would need more games like the Green Bay one if they want to capture a playoff spot.

The big news for next week is that Daniel Carlson was cut and Dan Bailey was picked up. This might be great news for the Vikings, but it could spell disaster for the fantasy team. We are currently 8th on the waiver wire, and although we immediately put in a claim for Bailey, it is certainly possible that another team picks him up before us. Even worse, is that one of the teams ahead of us has Greg Zuerlein who just suffered an injury for the Los Angeles Rams. They could be looking for a kicker on their team.

In smaller news, the Vikings signed wide receiver Aldrick Robinson who figures to compete with Treadwell and Brandon Zylstra for reps. The Vikings waived Stacy Coley as a result of all the recent signings, so we will add Robinson and take Coley off the roster.

Next week we play “Team mcbride,” who is led by Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, and Tom Brady. Luckily, they played both Julian Edelman and Mark Ingram last week which means they don’t seem to pay attention to this league. That being said, it’s never a sure thing in fantasy football.

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