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Podcast Episode #2

After a very long break, the second episode of our podcast series is here. Jacob and Zane are back to talk bracketology with our friend Erik, whose knowledge of NCAA basketball extends to the power-six conferences (not players, just teams) and Hofstra, for some reason. Listen as we discuss our tournament field, as decided by Jacob's automated ranking system. We cover the nation's top teams, bubble teams, and a few mid-majors who might be poised to make a Loyola-esque run in 2017-18. To cap it all off, Erik gives his picks for each of the 71 games, including some intriguing upsets. The episode concludes with a wild play-by-play of his imaginary national championship that includes a near buzzer-beater, free throws, and good old fashioned tom-foolery. Click below to listen to the episode, or click here to download it as an MP3. If viewing on mobile, there is an issue with the size of the window. To combat this, you may click on the arrows in the upper right corner of the bo